Why Getting A ‘Revenge Body’ Is The Best Thing You Can Do After A Breakup

Revenge bodies are officially a thing. Let’s be honest, there’s no better revenge after a breakup than making yourself look ridiculously hot. Every girl’s dream after being broken up with is dropping a super hot selfie one month later that makes him or her want to come crawling back.

Nothing says “f**k you” to an ex better than a make-over which leaves you looking like Gigi Hadid’s hotter sister. Because when it comes to break-ups they can either make you or break you. You can either spend months letting it affect your entire life, or you can use it as an opportunity to take your newfound time and spend it on your favourite project: you.

By all means, do the typical girl thing. Change your hair, buy some new make-up, but if you want to take it to the next level you’re going to need to do some squats and you’re going to need to do them now. When in doubt, sweat it out.

1. Working on yourself is a better plan than crying at home

You can stay at home, eat ice cream and watch four back-to-back seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. Or you can go to the gym, get healthier, improve your lifestyle and see what other positive effects it might have on your life.

2. Working out makes you happier

Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins trigger positive feelings. This basically means the more time you spend in the gym, the less time you spend trying to run your ex over with your car.

3. Eating healthily is good for your complexion

There’s a reason all those bitches in the Garnier adverts look so happy. Having great skin means never coming home from work, looking in the mirror and saying “have I looked this s**t all day?!” It’s logical. Looking good means feeling good… and isn’t everyone’s life goal to just feel good?

4. There are lots of hot guys in the gym

You know… to help distract you from all the heartache.

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