The Internet Is Going Mental Over This Frog That Looks Like Donald Trump

Prolific racist and aspiring politician Donald Trump has been continuing with his crusade to become the most ridiculed man on Earth. Nonetheless, having convinced his followers not to trust the media, he is now the sole source of knowledge for an alarming number of people.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that he’s been ruffling feathers, considering that he doesn’t have any feathers to ruffle. Not because he’s human – don’t be silly – but because he is actually a frog. It is clear (following just a dash of computer enhancement) that this little guy is in fact Donald Trump.

Here is the Trump frog, photographed at Melbourne Aquarium

And here is the slimy amphibian he looks like

The frog was photographed by Imgur user BillipTheDog. Trump most recently hit headlines for condoning the removal of a woman from one of his rallies, purely on the basis that she was Muslim. Of course, he’s done far more besides.

This includes his unforgivable impression of a disabled reporter which was the result of an argument in which Trump may in fact have been indirectly using misinformation from a 2001 MTV documentary. But in lighter news, here are 15 things that look more like Donald Trump than Donald Trump.

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