People Are Losing It Over This Towel Which Is Basically A Hammock For Your Boobs

You have probably lost count of the amount of times you have got out of the shower and wished you could cover your modesty whilst bustling about the house. Nobody wants to give the neighbours their own private show! So, with that in mind, let me introduce the Ta-Ta Towel. A towel for your ta-ta’s!

Revolutionary, right? On those long summer days when the under-boob sweat strikes, the Ta-Ta Towel is your best friend. The nifty accessory lifts the breasts allowing the under-boob area to receive some much needed fresh air! The boob game has changed. Are you ready to learn the rules?

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The Ta-Ta Towel lifts the boob with its halter neck strap, holding them neatly in a soft little bundle, whilst you carry on with your day undisturbed by a moist under-boob area! With these added in to your daily routine, there is no need to spend time specifically drying your boobs after you have washed! It’s the miracle we have all been waiting for!

They come in a variety of pretty colors and are lined with an array of patterns to make them feel luxurious and borderline sexy! Ok, maybe not. They may not be sexy, but they certainly are comfortable! A hammock for your boobs; it’s what you’ve always wanted…

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Erin Robertson, founder of Ta-Ta Towel, created the idea whilst on a first date. Getting ready for the date in her Los Angeles apartment with no A/C, Robertson desperately wondered: “There HAS to be a better way to keep the beads of sweat from dripping down my stomach.”

During the date, all she could think about was “how to solve the problem”. After looking online she realised there was no suitable option, unless she wanted to stick maxi-pads to her bra. “I didn’t want to wear a bra while I was getting ready or just lounging around the house. I wanted my “girls” to be free!” she writes on her website.

So she invented the Ta-Ta Towel!

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Robertson first made one for herself, before starting to gift some to her friends. When her friends raved about the product, she knew she had a business. So she taught herself how to sew and began to make them in bulk.

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