Here’s How To Make Your Old iPhone Run Like An iPhone 7

In the twelve months that make up a calendar, there are a few events that we can expect every year: a disappointing remake of a movie classic sometime in May or June, the abandonment of several gym memberships around February, and the release of a new iPhone in September. If you’re like most of us, though, you’ve grown tired of Apple’s constant crippling of their hardware in the name of “innovation” and have decided to boycott the iPhone 7.

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Perhaps you’re happy with your current iPhone, and the notion of “new pretty colour” isn’t enough to convince you to part with as much as £700.  The concern that old iPhone users might have is that the complimentary update of iOS 10 will slow up your phone to the point where buying a new iPhone is inevitable. Fear not, because there might be a way to use iOS 10 freely and use wired headphones without some sort of ridiculous Lightning attachment. Check it out on the next page. 

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