Here’s How Jake Gyllenhaal Got So Insanely Ripped For ‘Southpaw’

I think we can all agree that for a fallible human actor, Jake Gyllenhaal is pretty great. Even if you’re not particularly a fan of Donnie Darko or Brokeback Mountain, you can hardly deny his star appeal and acting skills in films such as Nightcrawler, The Day After Tomorrow, or his boxing film Southpaw.

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Southpaw is actually quite a notable film for Jake G, as it’s very different to his other roles, which have tended to be more cerebral. It’s hard to be cerebral as the star of a boxing movie, but what it does require is some stone cold physicality, which, as much as we love Jake Gyllenhaal, isn’t really one of the things he is known for.

We’ve seen the likes of Christian Bale and Chris Pratt undergo drastic body changes in order to get set for movies, but how on earth did Jake Gyllenhaal get into shape for the most method role outside of a Daniel Day Lewis film? It’s pretty mad what he had to do to assume the body of an athlete. Turn to the next page for Jake Gyllenhaal’s brutal training regime for the movie Southpaw.

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