El Chapo Just Sent This Chilling Message To The Leader Of ISIS

One group of people you never fuck with is Mexican drug lords. If watching the Netflix series Narcos has taught me anything, it’s that drug barons are badasses.

El Chapo is head of one of the countries biggest drug cartels and he has promised to wage war against ISIS if they don’t stop disrupting his operations in the middle east. He has never shied away from a conflict and his message cut straight to the point ‘don’t fuck with us’. I’d be taking him extraordinarily seriously if I were ISIS, El Chapo has a reputation for taking down anyone who gets in his way.

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There are three major Mexican drug cartels who are all experts at moving drugs across the globe. However, ISIS have recently been intercepting their shipments within the middle east. They either destroy the drugs or are selling them on themselves for profit to fund their war efforf. It would seem El Chapo has had enough:


Neither the US, France or UK can get rid of ISIS, so I propose this. Give El Chapo free rain in the region, let him command his drug fueled soldiers to totally obliterate those pieces of shit. There’s the possibility the two might just wipe each other out and the world would be a much safer place.

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