Detailed Architectural Drawings Are a Modern-Day Homage to the Art of M.C. Escher

Artist Jeff Murray transports us to places new and old in his meticulous architecture drawing. The sprawling works include the likes of Rome, metropolises in the Middle East, and cities in North America—all of which come alive in a staggering amount of detail. Using a fine-tipped pen and a stippling technique, he draws minuscule people and architectural features you’d find only if you were standing next to a building.

Although Murray focuses his drawings on realism, he rewards the careful viewer with small, clever additions. In his latest piece titled As Long as the Colosseum Stands, Rome Shall Stand, one half of the drawing features the ancient city with traditionally-clothed people congregating around the intact structure. As Rome fell, the degraded structure eventually turns into ruins. It’s compete with the trappings of modern times—including tourist selfies.

Murray is influenced by a number of surreal and fantastical artists, but his all-time favorite is M.C. Escher. “His work and the illusions he created had me awestruck, Murray writes, “eventually he became one of the biggest inspirations for me in my life.” By knowing this, Murray’s works implores you to give them a dedicated, long look.

The impressive architecture drawing is now for sale in Murray’s independent online shop.

Drawing architecture can be a challenge, but artist Jeff Murray makes it look easy with his intricately detailed works on paper.

Because his work is so detailed, he regularly shares incredible up-close shots of his handiwork.

Jeff Murray: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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