Crazy Glass Walkway 3,540ft Above The Ground Cracks Under Tourists’ Feet

How do you make the world’s longest glass bridge, suspended 180 meters above a valley, even scarier? How about by dropping a stainless steel mug on it, causing the first of three layers of glass to crack? That’s what happened on Monday afternoon, prompting tourists to shove each other as they ran to safety.

Tourists walking atop a newly built skywalk in China had their experience shattered after the glass cracked right beneath their feet. Visitors quickly fled from the structure, which is suspended over a canyon at more than 1,000 meters above sea level.


Photos posted online show the cracks in the glass flooring of the skywalk, which is located at Yuntaishan Scenic Park in China’s Henan province.

Many wrote about Monday’s experience online. One Weibo user, going by the name leedonghaeshuohyukjaenihaowodeai, said: “Just witnessed a historic moment – Yuntaishan’s glass walkway is broken.”

“As I was approaching the end of the passage, I heard a sudden loud bang. My legs were shaken. I looked down and saw the pane underneath me had shattered…some people screamed. I yelled, ‘It really cracked. It really cracked!’ Then I ran pushing the people in front of me. I was terrified,” the user added.


Another tourist, Lee Dong Hai, wrote on Weibo that she felt her foot shake a little, then looked down to find a crack beneath her feet.

Opened on September 20, the path spans 260 meters (853 feet), with a 68 meter (223 foot) glass-bottom section. It is suspended at 1,080 meters above sea level.

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