BREAKING: This British Prison Is Now Under Inmates’ Rule After Guards Withdraw

For staff and wardens at Winson Green prison in Birmingham, England the unthinkable has happened: a full-scale prisoner riot has broken out and convicts have taken control of four wings of the prison in an ongoing incident. G4S, the security firm that staffs the prison, have confirmed that they have withdrawn their teams due to safety concerns.

A riot squad, known as Tornado Team, has subsequently been deployed to pacifying the rioting which began at around 9am this morning. Up to 600 inmates out of 1,450 are suspected to be involved in the disturbance and three people are injured. Fires have been started and light fittings, windows and personal files destroyed.

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The incident began when one officer was threatened with a syringe by an inmate, while another escaped with a set of keys. The prisoners then quickly took over the gym, pharmacy and security equipment store. According to reports from certain rioters, the disturbance began because the prisoners were unable to watch TV or go to the gym. Others complained about a lack of hot water in the showers.

“The big issue was the exercise and the gym,” one rioter stated to the Birmingham Mail. “They got the keys and then picked up some helmets, shields and equipment that had been left in the offices. They also used a push up bar to break the chains between wings and that is how it has been spreading between wings.”

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Local resident Jordan Harris was close to the premises when the riot broke out and began live tweeting from the scene as events unfolded. This is the third disturbance to occur in an English prison in the last two months. On 6 November a riot at the category-B Bedford prison caused chaos when up to 200 prisoners flooded the jail’s gangways. On 29 October, a national response unit had to be brought in to control prisoners during an incident at HMP Lewes in East Sussex.

“Our teams withdrew following a disturbance and sealed two wings, which include some administrative offices,” stated custodial and detention services managing director Jerry Petherick. “The disturbance has since spread to two further wings. All staff have been accounted for.”

“Additional officers have arrived on site and we have deployed canine units within the prison,” he continues. “West Midlands Police helicopter is also in attendance. We are working with colleagues across the service to bring this disturbance to a safe conclusion.”

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson stated to the press: “The Prison Service is managing the ongoing incident at HMP Birmingham. The situation is contained, the perimeter is secure and there is no risk to public. We are absolutely clear that prisoners who behave in this way will be punished and could spend significantly longer behind bars.”

Hopefully the riot will be broken up and the prisoners subdued before there are any more injuries. Until then, this incident will only serve to highlight the issue of prison overcrowding in the UK. An estimated 90 per cent of all prisoners have diagnosable mental health problems. In addition, more than 70 per cent of the prison population has two or more mental health disorders. Meanwhile, the suicide rate in prisons is almost 15 times higher than the general population.

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