Anthony Joshua Demonstrates His Insane Punching Power on TV Show

If you don’t know who Anthony Joshua is, I don’t know what to tell you. You’ve clearly been living under a rock so I’ll help you out. In one of the biggest fights in recent history, the British boxer beat Ukrainian powerhouse Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley in a fight that beat the British pay-per-view record previously held by Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s 2015 clash. In the fight that made Joshua a household name, he beat Klitschko and is now recognized as a unified world heavyweight champion. He has held the IBF title since 2016 and the WBA and IBO titles since April 2017. He also won the Olympic gold medal for Great Britain in 2012 and has been ranked as the world’s best heavyweight by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board. As if his achievements weren’t enough, he’s also very hot.

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I hear your collective sighs, ladies. So what’s next for the fighter who seems to have it all? Joshua might be facing Klitschko again soon. The 41 year old boxer is set to retire after an illustrious career in the ring, but could hold off for one more fight with Joshua if he triggers the rematch clause which he is entitled to. Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir’s brother and advisor, has already expressed the guilt he feels over the boxer’s loss. Vitali has claimed that his advice cost his brother the title and changed the course of the match. Wladimir had knocked Anthony to the ground by the end of the sixth round but the Watford-born fighter made an impressive comeback and won the match in the 11th round in front of 90,000 fans.

“I blame myself for the defeat of my brother, I share some of the blame. When Wladimir almost knocked Joshua out, I gave him the wrong advice. I was positive that Joshua, with his huge muscle mass, would not be able to last [the distance].

“I advised Wladimir not to rush anything. I had hoped that after the seventh, the eighth round, Joshua would really slow down. Now I think that maybe it was a mistake, maybe it was necessary to finish him off sooner.”

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With a possible rematch on the cards, it is likely that members of Wladimir’s coaching team – including his brother – might be open to a chance to correct such perceived errors and end the Ukrainian’s career with one last win. For now, this rematch is yet to be confirmed. In the meantime, however, Anthony Joshua has chatted to Graham Norton on the hit BBC TV show about the match that took his career to a new level.

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