A Bullfighter Just Fought A Bull Whilst Holding His Baby

A Spanish matador who hit the headlines in August after getting gored in the groin has shared a picture of himself bullfighting as he holds his baby. Francisco “Paquirri” Rivera suffered life-threatening injuries when he was attacked during a performance in the summer. However, he is keen for the world to know that he is back on top.

Rivera posted the picture on his Instagram account, where he posts all kinds of other bull-related things. “Carmen’s debut, this is the fifth generation that fights bulls in our family,” he stated. “My grandfather fought bulls like this with my father. My father fought bulls like this with me, and I’ve done it with my daughters Cayetana and now with Carmen.”

Rivera’s detractors have stated that his actions are both unacceptable and  irresponsible. “We’re totally against instilling violence like that of bullfighting into children,” said Laura Duarte, spokesperson for Pacma – an animal rights party with a long-running campaign against bullfighting.

The local child protection agency responded by stating that it was: “a situation of unnecessary risk for a minor and a decision that we totally reject.” However, an angry Rivera responded. “My daughter has never been safer. I’m a bullfighter, I live for this and I dedicate 365 days a year to it,” he tweeted. “She didn’t face the slightest danger for even a second.”

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Coming from a long line of bullfighters, Rivera’s grandfather was Antonio Ordonez, who is considered one of the greatest bullfighters of all time. Rivera’s own father was gorged to death by a bull in 1984. With 1,868 bull-related events in 2014 alone, bullfighting is a multibillion dollar industry in Spain.


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