7 Fantastic Movies Every Teen Girl Should Watch

Would you like to watch some interesting and entertaining movies? If you have such desire but you can’t choose from a great variety of new films that come out every year, I will gladly help you to make a decision. No matter how old a girl is, she should certainly see one of these teen movies at least once in a lifetime. By watching them you can get a great pleasure and entertain yourself. Here is the list of the best teen movies to watch this evening.

Fantastic Movies Every Teen Girl Should Watch
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1. Clueless

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If you are a great fan of Paul Rudd, this movie is exactly for you. Here you can see him in his young years. Lots of people find him extremely adorable in this movie. The main character of the movie is a pretty girl whose name is Cher. Boys and fashion are the first priorities for her. Paul Rudd’s character is the step-brother of this girl. At the beginning of this story we can see Cher as a haughty and materialistic girl, but she eventually realizes the most valuable things in her life.

2. Never Been Kissed

Never Been Kissed
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I’m sure there are many people who want to come back to high school after graduating at least for one day. If you also miss your school years, will give you a perfect opportunity to remember those unforgettable moments one more time. In this film, you will see one of the most outstanding actresses Drew Barrymore, who plays a journalist here. Having received a special assignment, she enrolls in classes. It happens so that during the story the main character falls in love. That definitely gives a romantic touch to the film. is really worth seeing!

3. Mean Girls

Mean Girls
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If you watch this movie at least once, you will love it forever. This film shows us the life of a home-schooled girl who is played by Lindsay Lohan. One day this girl enters high school, but it turns out to be a big problem for her as she doesn’t know about the social hierarchy. Before entering this school she was a shy and an innocent girl. But life changes her greatly. She tries hard to become one of those beautiful and popular girls in her school. The girl makes a decision to reach her goal by all means no matter how dangerous it can be for her. This film teaches us that popularity isn’t the most important thing in our life. We should find friends among those people who appreciate us for our individuality. This is one of the teen films I would recommend you to see.

4. 13 Going on 30

13 Going on 30
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Teenagers’ life is represented in this movie and Mark Ruffalo acts in it. This is a story about a 13 year old girl who goes through time and becomes a 30 year old woman. In her adult life, she gets a job and even has a boyfriend. The girl faces various problems as she doesn’t know how to deal with lots of things. When we are young we usually have a strong desire to grow up very quickly. But we should value our life as it is. This is the message of the story.

5. John Tucker Must Die

John Tucker Must Die
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Have you ever met a guy who can flirt with all the girls around? If you haven’t, this film will show you the best example of a womanizer. The main character of the story is John Tucker. He is dating with several girls and lies to each of them. Having discovered his deceit, the girls unite their efforts together to give him a lesson. Later Tucker falls in love with a new girl who can break his heart. The most famous actors in this movie are Brittany Snow, Penn Badgley and Sophia Bush.

6. Easy A

Easy A
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This story has certain similarities with The Scarlet Letter. No doubt, those who read it will highly appreciate the film. reveals us the negative effect of people’s lie on their life. In this movie, we can observe Emma Stone in her teen years. The girl is eager to gain popularity at school and nothing can stop her. As a result, she lies to everybody around her. The movie helps us to understand that every lie can lead to big troubles in our life.

7. The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club
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All the stereotypes are broken in this film. It tells us the story of the teenagers sentenced to detention. At first sight, they seem to be absolutely different, but then they appear similar in the eyes of others. Do you feel like watching a classic film with big stars? This one is right for you! Get ready to have a lot of fun and laugh.

Despite some silly episodes in these movies, they are extremely entertaining and funny for lots of people. Watching one of them is a great way to relax and spend your free time. Would you like to see any of these movies?

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