15 Glorious Examples Of Drunk Logic Failing Terribly

We’ve all been there. A few shots of tequila down your trap and suddenly no idea is a bad idea. Do you want to fly halfway across the world? Sure. Do you want to make the world’s largest McDonald’s burger and eat it upside down? Of course you do. Do you want to kidnap a chicken and keep it as your pet? Why bloody not?

In reality you realise that all these things are just plain stupid, but pair them with booze and suddenly you are nothing short of a genius. It’s what I like to call drunk logic, something that these guys and girls have a lot of..

1. “I don’t need no keys, keys are for losers.”

2. “High chairs are for babies”.. “but I am a baby.” 

3. Is that how you get all the ladies? 

4. This party trick sucks.

5. “Sick tattoo” – said no one ever.


6. Looking good two-face, looking good. 

7. I need a sit down. 

8. Why you shouldn’t take your friendship to the next level unless you are stone cold sober. 

9. Ok they look gross, but so do kebabs when you’re T total.

10. In with the alcohol, out with the can opener.


11. Ah the late-night online purchase. I’m sure it seemed like such a good idea at the time. 

12. Comfy? 

Having said this, sometimes drunk logic really is the best kind of logic…

13. The intoxicated planner, I raise a slice in salute to you.


14. The lazy drunk, using straws the way God intended them I’m sure. 

15. Finally this person deserves a medal. Drunk texts will never be a problem again. 

Drunk logic, sometimes it can serve us well, but more often than not it gets us in a right pickle. Talking of being a little worse for wear, if you enjoy a tipple or two (or ten) then you’ll be able to relate to these 13 levels of drunk that everyone experiences on a night out.

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