13 Signs You've Always Had a Healthy Obsession With Books

Getting your first library card was like no other experience.

Because books were totally your thing.

Even if it meant a ridiculously heavy backpack you had to carry to and from school.

And when your teacher announced your class would be heading to the library, ecstatic didn't even begin to describe what you were feeling.

Your elementary school's library was literally the BEST PLACE EVER.


And when that time of year rolled around…nothing could get you down.

The Book Fair was YOUR SH*T!!!

You knew exactly what you wanted before you even showed up.

But you always got suckered into buying more than you originally thought you would. (If Mom and Dad let you, of course)

Silent reading time was the BEST kind of time when at school.

And vacations looked a whole lot like this growing up.

Ah, the simple things in life. 

And "going to bed" wasn't even that bad because, BOOKS.

Even when your parents made you turn the lights off, you knew exactly how to handle it.

These clip-on lights made EVERYTHING possible.

And if you didn't read the Magic Treehouse Books did you really love reading?

OR Sideways Stories From Wayside School? I will forever wonder what happened to chapter (and floor) 13.

Take me back to being 10 and having my only responsibility be to read books for fun. 

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